Looking for a way to serve while doing what you are good at? Visiting the sick, holding babies, leading elementary discussions, greeting newcomers, and praying for others are just a few of the things you can do when volunteering on a ministry team. 
Scroll down to see a full list of teams, then fill out the form at the bottom to let us know where you would like to get involved. It's our goal to get you plugged into a ministry team doing what you love!



Impressions    Be the first to welcome people into AGCC.  Includes greeters and hospitality team. Contact Randy or Julie Boggs 614.260.6684

Worship    Lead worship on Sunday mornings through music and song. Contact Chris Solwecki 614.940.3191.

Media    Running the auditory and visual experience of Sunday worship service. Contact Chris Solwecki. 614.940.3191.

Communion and Baptism Preparation    Help prepare communion for Sunday services.. Contact Kay Kestner 614.940.9688

Sunday Morning Servers  Serve communion and collect offering. Contact Randy Bush 614.578.7157

Safety    Ensures the security of the building and those present on Sunday mornings. Includes hall monitoring and counting. Contact Shawn Lee 614.301.6173

Home Communion    Take communion to those who are unable to physically come to the church building. Contact Roy Buckley 614.875.1259



KidZone    Serve Sunday mornings with the kids of AGCC, nursery, preschool, or elementary age. ContactMike Marrah 614.560.4004

MSM    Middle School Ministry with students 6th-8th grade. Students meet on Sunday nights and for special events each month. Contact Mike or Mel Marrah 614.560.4004

HSM  High School Ministry with students 9th-12th grade. Students meet for special events each month. Contact Mike or Mel Marrah 614.560.4004

Marriage Ministry  Marriage and premarital mentoring, plan and coordinate marriage-focused events at AGCC. Contact Joanie Purvis 614.595.5833



GC Food Pantry  Collect food items, hygiene supplies, books, and other necessary items to take to the Grove City Food Pantry.  Contact Miriam Will 614.619.5294

Outreach    Organize local and global missions trips and service projects for AGCC attenders to serve.  Contact David or Kyra Cottrill 440.789.4408

Sports  Oversee use of the facilities for one time and ongoing sporting events. Contact Chris Solwecki614.940.3191.

Worthington Christian Village Auxiliary  Maintain ongoing relationship with the Worthington Christian Village, coordinate giving opportunities, and communicate events to AGCC. Contact Louanne Smith 614.539.9670



Prayer Ministry  Available on Sunday mornings for those requesting prayer. Also meet periodically or individual or group prayer. Contact Hope Marrah 614.806.1548

Life Group Leaders  Lead an AGCC small group for a semester, beginning in September or January. Contact Chris Solwecki 614.940.3191



Compassion Ministry  Visit the sick, elderly, and shut-ins. Provide comfort, meals, or flowers to those grieving, recently in thehospital, or with a new baby. Contact Kelly Hott 614.615.7716

Connections  Welcome newcomers, contact them during the week, and help them get plugged in to AGCC. Contact Mel Marrah 614.949.5184

Funeral Flowers and Meals    Provide flowers and meals at the funerals of our church family. Also includes preparation for funeral dinners at AGCC. Contact Miriam Will 614.619.5294 or MaryJane Curie 614.313.1396

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Interior Design  Decorations inside the building and on stage. Contact Melinda Pendergast 614.329.1777 or Mike Marrah 614.560.4004

Creative and Design  Help to create the look of AGCC through photo, video, social media, and graphic design. Contact Mike Marrah 614.560.4004



Building Maintenance and Lawn Care  Cleans maintains and services the building and AGCC property, both indoors and outside. Contact Bob Reynolds 614.216.6471 or Rodger Smith 614.370.9670

Kitchen  Oversee the cleaning and organization of the church kitchen. Contact Miriam Will 614.619.5294


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