ATTENTION: You will receive an email confirmation after your vendor application has been approved. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct to Molly Dubose or call 614-537-5013
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Special requests will be granted if possible, such as needing a spot in a certain area due to a disability, etc.:
$25 Each if reserved before August 1st, 2016: $35 Each after
$35 Each if reserved before August 1st, 2016: $45 Each after
$5 per spot you have reserved
$5 for a BOX LUNCH. Please specify how many lunches are needed.
I/We Have Carefully Read The Terms Of This Contract And Rental Agreement, Understand It, And Agree To Be Bound To It. I/We Also Understand That The Reservation Fee Is Non-Refundable.
Amazing Grace Christian Church Christmas Arts & Craft Show December 10, 2016 9:00am-3:00pm Dear Vendor: We would like to extend an opportunity to you to participate in Amazing Grace Christian Church’s Christmas Arts & Craft Show on December 10th. We are looking forward to having you here! We will use the Sanctuary, Gym, and the hallways as spaces are needed. This will accommodate approximately 100 spaces this year. Amazing Grace Christian Church’s Christmas Arts & Craft Show is a predominantly juried show and we request photos before acceptance for all new vendors. While this is a juried show, we reserve the right to allow similar vendors as space allows. Please send photos online to or if pictures are sent via regular mail, a self-addressed stamped envelope must be enclosed to return photos. Pictures printed on regular printer paper is acceptable. Please return your application, check and signed release forms as soon as possible to ensure your 2016 space. Fees will increase by $10 after August 1st, 2016 so make sure you return this to me as soon as possible. 1. Fill out the application thoroughly. 2. Read the Rental Agreement 3. Spaces are: (tables are limited) $25: no electricity/bring your own table $30: electricity/bring your own table $35: no electricity/use Church provided table $40: electricity/use Church provided table $5: lunch per person – (please make a note of an allergy or if you require a vegetarian lunch); you will receive a ticket for it *** Fees will be increased by $10 for anyone who has not submitted their application by August 1, 2016. 4. Mail the following: Application and Check ASAP Amazing Grace Christian Church Attn: Christmas Arts & Craft Show 2255 Quail Creek Blvd., Grove City, Oh. 43123 or submit online application to 5. ALL VENDORS APPLICATIONS MUST BE APPROVED. IF MAILING A CHECK, IT WILL NOT BE CASHED UNTIL APPROVED. IF APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED ONLINE A LINK WILL BE SENT TO YOU FOR PAYMENT ONCE APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED. 6. Confirmation emails/calls will be sent by Mid-October. 7. Questions can be emailed to: or call 614-537-5013 We will do our best to accommodate any special requests but there are no guarantees. Make sure you read the rental agreement and sign the part of the application that states that you agree to the rules. Thank you again for your interest in Amazing Grace Christian Church’s Christmas Arts & Craft Show. We look forward to seeing you on December 10th. Best regards, Molly and Justin DuBose Amazing Grace Christian Church’s Christmas Arts & Craft Show 2255 Quail Creek Blvd., Grove City, Ohio 43123 2016 Rental Agreement 1. The bazaar starts at 9am and ends at 3pm on December 10, 2015. You may not, under any circumstances, tear down before 3pm. Set up is Saturday 7-9:00am. 2. Spaces are approximately 8x5 but may vary. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR DISPLAY WITHIN YOUR SPACE. If this is not an efficient amount of space, please rent an additional one. 3. Vendors must maintain a professional manner in selling and displaying their goods. All vendors are limited to one sign and this must be kept within their designated area. The vendor must provide all necessary display equipment. The vendor must agree to remove any part of their display that’s deemed inappropriate to Amazing Grace Christian Church. 4. Vendors are solely responsible for all financial transactions connected with their merchandise. 5. No food of any kind is permitted to be sold at the Bazaar which is meant to be consumed upon purchase. 6. There are to be no open flames, lighted candles, or smoking permitted inside the Church. Any vendor requiring electricity must use a utility grade extension cord. No household extension cords will be permitted. Violations will result in loss of electricity and NO refunds will be made. 7. Vendors must comply with parking in the designated “vendor parking” area upon setup of their booth. While the location is undetermined at this time, it may be in the grass so please be prepared for that. 8. No pets, strollers, or playpens are permitted in the building at any time. 9. Amazing Grace Christian, its affiliated organizations, and their member are not responsible for any damages, loss or theft of merchandise or display equipment. 10. Amazing Grace Christian agree to publicize this event through various types of media in and around the greater Columbus Area. 11. Applicants need to return the following by August 1st (or the fee goes up by $10.) 1. Application with signatures. 2. Check for the rental fee and tables. 3. Pictures 4. A confirmation email will be sent out by mid-October. 12. There will be no refunds for cancellations. We feel these regulations are necessary to insure a successful show for all of our vendors. Please keep this list and refer to it before the show.